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… makes you an expert for any plate rolling task

No more scrap when rolling challenging shells, and fitting parts starting with the first plate in batch production thanks to BENDtronic. The revolutionary BENDtronic of HAEUSLER enables everyone, to control not only the movements of the machine but the bending result itself. The software is graphically supported, allows single-pass as well as multi-pass plate rolling and can be used for any kind of product shape like cylinders and pipes, ovals, tanks or other more complex geometries even up to S-shaped work pieces.

Round shells are typical objectives of plate rolling machine operators. This often underestimated task requires experienced operators who have a feeling for materials, machine behavior and desired geometries. BENDtronic allows operators to enter physical properties of the bending task, receive bending knowhow and execute the bending program. BENDtronic operators quickly become bending experts.

Multi Radial geometries such as ovals, cases or buckets are obviously challenging objectives for plate roll operators. However, the lucky operator who can rely on BENDtronic is also “in good shape” here. After the graphically supported definition of the desired geometry, BENDtronic calculates the machine settings and all the steps from the flat plate to the final geometry. The operator can start rolling right after the process simulation.

No waste when rolling individual parts (One-of-a-kind or small batches) thanks to BENDtronic which allows rolling workpieces that have already been rolled to a certain shape. Hand on heart – isn’t this the reality in most cases: even with the most reliable CNC software and the most experienced plate roll operator there is always the doubt that slight differences in plate properties such as thickness or yield stress will influence the bending result.

The safe bet is to approximate the final geometry, staying just a little bigger than the required final geometry with the first pass. For the second pass one just needs to measure the real geometry, enter the values into the corresponding mask of BENDtronic and roll the workpiece to the final geometry.


  • Tells you exactly what you can roll on your machine and how to roll it
  • Shortest learning curve for new operators even without background in plate rolling
  • Is the only CNC plate roll software that helps finalizing workpieces that have already been rolled
  • Simple and efficient bending of round as well as complex multi-radii geometries
  • Makes you an expert of plate rolling
  • High quality products from the first plate on

Theory inside

BENDtronic is based on the simulation of plate material properties, machine behavior and machine-plate interactions. The combination of these physical principals allows calculations of machine settings for desired geometries at given plate material properties.

The sheet material model accounts for non-linear yield behavior. The computation of the stress distribution based on the Euler beam theory allows exact predictions of spring back for any plate thickness.

Machine behavior is simulated based on bending deflection of the rolls, machine stand stiffness and friction in various parts. Modeling the machine-plate interaction includes contact point modeling as well as gravitational forces acting on the plate.

Example of bending a round shape

The task is to roll a cylindrical shell (or section of a shell) in 1 single pass starting from a flat plate. BENDtronic allows you to:

  • Calculate and check if the shell physically can be rolled on the given plate roll, taking into account the grade of plate material, the geometry of the flat plate as well as the final cylinder, the machine geometry and machine power. AND NEW: It tells you exactly what parameter is the limiting factor AND how much you are possibly e.g. over capacity.
  • Calculate and check if a so called “apple-shape” geometry can be rolled, so that the cylinder can be rerolled (calibrated) after the welding process. BENDtronic even shows you the possible shapes of any possible “apple” that could be rolled for the specific job:
  • Finally the software creates the CNC machine program and the operator can start the graphical process simulation.
  • BENDtronic can be programmed online on the machine as well as offline e.g. on a separate PC. This allows the creation of new bending programs while the machine is continuously running.