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On- & Offshore

HAUESLER’s got many years of experience in the production of bending machines for on- and off-shore applications and is the world leading manufacturer of roll bending pipe mills. HAUESLER VRM or HDR type machines can be used to manufacture offshore platform parts or other steel structures.

Steel Construction

HAEUSLER bending machines can bend beams or tubes. Our standard machines can be customized to meet your demands. The sky’s the limit!

Using the right equipment you can manufacture steel structures such as:

  • Bent segments
  • Pipe structures
  • ConesDomes


We’re the right partner to help you expand the variety of your steel structure production.


HAEUSLER roll bending machines will put you in a good position to meet the rising demand for wind towers, bending cone-shaped tower section with short production times.

Aviation Industry

Wing edge bending machines.


Fields of application

  • Bending of small radii at long part lengths
  • Bending of complicated asymmetric geometries
  • Bending of high-ductile materials with extreme back spring
  • Low-cost production of single pieces or small series.
  • Rapid machine program changes
  • Low capital costs
  • Easy-to-use machine controls
Power Plant

HAEUSLER plate bending machines are being used by leading power plant manufacturers for many bending and forming processes including reactor production.

Tank Construction

You manufacture tank products?

You’ve got to have flexible production to adjust to your customers’ needs?

Our machines will help you meet that challenge! HAEUSLER roll bending machines can be used to manufacture products such as:

  • Stationary storage tanks
  • Reactor tanks
  • Tanks for road and railroad vehicles

The HAEUSLER crocodile tack welding device can reduce assembly time on shell-to-shell constructions by up to 80%, increasing both product quality and cost effectiveness.

HAEUSLER clamping ring systems can be used in similar fashion to align tube parts for tack welding. Fixed or rotating rings along with spacer components let you do a variety of operations with the same equipment.


The HAEUSLER SPBM ship plate bending machine has been designed with the specific demands of ship yard production in mind, which means offering high bending capacities along with excellent flexibility.


Fields of application

  • Cargo Vessels
  • Ships for Science and Research
  • Passenger Ships and Ferries
  • Yachts
  • Military Vessels
  • Vessels redesigns
Automotive Industry

Aside from single machine, entire production lines for the automotive industry have been built by HAUESLER, both semi- or fully automatic.


Fields of application

  • Bush production (Frictional bearings, motor housings, spacers, etc.)
  • Brake parts (Brake bands for automated gears, brake shoes, etc.)
  • Disk production (disks for clutches, brakes, various flanges or steering wheels)
  • Housings for sound absorbers
  • Shock absorbers
Heat/Cooling Fabrication

HAEUSLER roll bending machines cover all forming processes in the field of boiler and heat exchanger production.

Our specific and universal pipe bending machines can be used to process many standard and non-standard profiles.

Tunnel- & Mining

HAEUSLER plate bending machines help you maintain high product quality standards, which is especially important in mining and tunneling. That’s why HAUESLER machines can be found in these fields all over the world.