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Longitudinal tack welding machine CRWM

The CRWM welding machine has been manufactured to simplify the following internal and external welding seams on longitudinal welded pipes.

  • Pipe bending process
  • U-Forming and O-Forming process
  • Progressive forming process
  • Progressive folding process
Available Capacities

The CRWM can also play a part in an existing pipeline for

  • Improved quality
  • Increased output

Continuous root tack welding is performed under a gas shielded arc for top quality seams.

HAEUSLER CRWM closes the edges of the open seam of the gas pipe, while it is transported by roller cage.

The roller cage is controlled hydro-mechanically and by CNC in relation to the pipe dimensions (diameter, wall thickness, material and length).

Nominal pipe diameter
Min. 12" (304,8 mm)
Max. 64" (1625,6 mm)

Pipe wall thickness
Min. 0,172" (4,34mm)
Max. 1,75" (45 mm)

Pipe length
Min. 20 ft (6096 mm)
Max. 60 ft (18288 mm)