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4-roll plate bending machine VRM

The HAEUSLER VRM type  machine is a universally useable four roller bedning machine with linear hydraulic roll movement of side and bottom rolls.

It can be used to roll tubes, tube segments, rounded boxes, ovals or other shapes.

The following basic operations can be used:

Available Bending Capacities
  • Sheet width: Max. 8000 mm
  • Sheet thickness: Max. 300 mm for cold bending

Detailed values upon request


  • Pre-bending of sheet edges
  • Rounding of sheets into cylindrical shapes
  • Cone bending
  • Press bending for even and uneven radii
  • Calibrating for minimization of radius variations in a welded tube
  • Work piece only needs to be aligned once at the start of the bending process.
  • Automatic minimization of flat ends.
  • Secured rolling traction throughout the process.
  • Simple cone bending.
  • Simple calibrating of apple- or pear-shaped welded tubes.
  • Correction of axial offsets possible.
  • Minimal wear on guide ways for long-lasting machine precision (VRM guideways are 100% longer than guide ways on competitor products).
  • High-alloy steel rolls are very crack-resistant.
  • Roll breaks allow blocking of rotation for pre-bending thus improving process-safety.
  • Minimal foundations works required for installation.
  • High-torque drives on bottom and top rolls.
  • Bending of oval, elliptic or rounded box shapes is possible.