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The HAEUSLER HYBRID Technology (HHT) makes the roll bending practically limitless without having to give up the tremendous advantages of roll bending.

It is therefore now possible to cover the entire LSAW spectrum with HAEUSLER rollforming technology.

Available Bending Capacities
  • Pipe diameter: from 16" up to 60"
  • Pipe length: from 9 up to 24 m

Detailed values upon request


Wall thickness: from 6.8 up to 50 mm

Productivity: bis 20 Rohre/Stunde

Output: 200 000 bis 1 000 000 Tonnen/Jahr

  • No limits in pipe lengths as top roll is suppor ted over whole length
  • High output of up to 20 pipes/hour due to fast rolling process
  • Low tooling cost as all production range can be executed with 1 to 2 tools only
  • Perfect pipe shape af ter forming due to homogenous rolling process
  • Homogenous stress distribution inside the pipe due to continuous roll forming process
  • Flexible with fast product change cycles, mostly without tool change
  • No limits in wall thickness of pipe as press forming can cover all diameter thickness ratio
  • Reasonable civil and installation cost due to modular main frame system
  • Modular system extendable for future demand