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LSAW pipe roll bending machine RMS

The HAEUSLER RMS is a 3 roll bending machine with a symmetrical setup of supported bottom rolls designed for mass pipe production. To allow bending of high wall thicknesses to small diameters (< 508 mm diameter at 12.2 m tube length) the top roll can be pre-loaded. For very small diameters a supported top roll can be used. This machine offers you an optimum balance of bending quality, productivity and investment, especially for LSAW pipe production.

Available Bending Capacities
  • Diameters: 406 mm (16”) up to 1 626 mm (64”)
  • Sheet width: Max. 13 000 mm
  • Sheet thickness: Max. 42 mm (X70)
  • Max. Material: X120

Detailed values upon request.

  • Each interchangeable top roll can be universally used for many bending diameters.
  • Rapid top roll change (approx. 2 hours).
  • Superior tube roundness compared to press-bending.
  • High productivity of up to. 20-22 tubes/hour.
  • Opposed to press-bending, roll-bending allows for work-piece fault correction.
  • High degree of automization.