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Ship plate bending machine SPBM

The HAEUSLER SPBM ship plate bending machines  feature vertical top roll movement and horizontal en-bloc bottom roll adjustment. The supported bottom rolls can also be angled to allow bending of coned and skewed pieces for ship hull structures.

The HAEUSLER SPBM can also be used for press bending. The pressing tool can be mounted under the top roll.

Available Bending Capacities
  • Sheet width: Max. 25 000 mm
  • Sheet thickness: Max. 40 mm

Detailed values upon request

  • The top roll support features and automatic offset compensation to ensure roll optimum roll straightness at any time.
  • Extremely asymmetric bottom roll positioning can be used for easy pre-bending.
  • Simple machine setup changes for roll-bending and press-bending.
  • All three rolls available with rotation drives for good work-pieces traction.