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4-roll section bending machine VPR

HAEUSLER is an industry leader in the development of customer-specific machines for special requirements in the field of profiling and bending. These products are developed in active cooperation with our users. One such example is the HAEUSLER VPR. These section bending machines are fitted with 4 bending rolls and enable e.g. profiling and bending in one pass (serial production).

Available Bending Capacities
  • VerMax. Modulus: 200 cm3

Detailed values upon request

  • Active work-pieces clamping for constant traction.
  • Ideal for semi-automatic mass production.
  • Minimal flat end lengths (1x profile height).
  • Ideal for calibrating of welded rings.
  • Using add-on tools bending of tapered, threaded or helical shapes is feasible.
  • Complex profiles can be bent off a coil.
  • Rounded boxes or other complex contours can be bent.